A half million dollars to secure schools computers?

There is a local story about alleged hackers at Jackson High School who broke into school computers to change grades and get other personal information. The apparently use USB pen drives to copy files from the schools computer onto their home computers. Not that I would call that alone hacking, but just mere copying. The story does not go into specific detail, but what is even more disturbing is the cost: $500,000 . What? A half-million dollars??? Where did they pull that number from?

Well, it seems like the Jackson school district really dropped the ball on this one, no matter which side you may be on. Here’s why. If they need to spend that amount of cash to secure their systems, it’s quite possible that they never had any sort of security at all. Under the scope of my hypothesis, they never took the time nor the money to think about securing their systems. Yet, no administrative person was reprimanded or took any sort of responsibility for their lackluster stance. That’s does not mean the students should be off the hook, but the school system and the media puts their spin on the situation. They says that the system was hacked, when in reality, it may have been a wide-open book. Hopefully, the school system learned it’s lesson.


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