Real World Haskell

I received by copy of Real World Haskell yesterday from Amazon.  The book is thicker that I thought, which makes me think that it should have been made a hardcover.  But, I’ll just need to be careful, I guess.  

In the past 24 hours or so, I was able to read up to the fifth chapter on writing a Haskell library.  Even though that I read the draft of the book and seen people make comments, I am surprised that there are a few typographical errors in the few chapters that I read so far.  But, that should not distract anyone.  

It’s not like I have not programmed in Haskell before, but I wanted to see the hype behind this book myself. The book is an interesting read. In fact, I learn something new about the language that I did not know before I seen the book.  Looks like I am going to enjoy this!


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