I am a software developer from Cleveland, OH. I’ve love to code. I will always love to code. I’ve always had a knack for coding. I guess it started a long time ago, when a little thing called the personal computer start to make it’s way into the mainstream. They were expensive and very limited pieces of machinery back then.

My parents, who were working class people, seem to noticed that I like this new fad, but could not afford the $3000 or so to buy a new Apple computer. But, in the consumer market, there was the affordable Atari 800. It was my first ever computer in the modern sense. It had an 8-bit processor, and a cartridge slot, and a cassette recorder that was used to save my data. That computer started a chain of events that made me into the person that I am today.

For the past few years, I have been trying to expand my life by trying new things. Life is so short, and there is no time to mess around. So, this site serves as my personal canvas for my expanding horizon of pure thought.

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