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Guitar Woes

If you looked at one of my goals at 43 Things, I have been trying to learn to play the guitar again after so many years. I have been weighing some issues that I have been having. I normally label myself as “left-handed”, but people may consider me somewhat ambidextrous. I write, eat and play billiards left-handed, but I throw a ball, bat, golf, and use scissors right-handed. So, when I decided to start playing again, I was not sure whether to buy a left-handed or a right-handed guitar. I was constantly told to use a right-handed guitar because they are common. But when I wrestled the question myself, I went with my instincts. When some tells me to pretend to play, I am always stroking left-handed. So, I bought a left-handed Greg Bennett acoustic.

However, when after practicing for a year or so, I still have problems. I really did not think about it at the time, but my right hand was damaged ten years or so ago. Two of my fingers skimmed into a deli slicer and chunks of my muscle and skin were surgically grafted back on. My fingers are functional and it is noticeably scarred, but I know I can’t do certain things anymore.  I have difficulty forming chords and my fretting seems to be flawed.  It could be a strength or flexibility issue related to injury, but I am not sure what I can do about it.

I am considering switching to a right-handed guitar, but I am afraid to change.  The people at the local Guitar Center suggested that I reverse the strings and play upside-down, but I do not want to damage the guitar by doing it.  So, I want to make sure that this is what I want to do before make such a drastic commitment.