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April Fools Day: Aluminum Foil Cubicle

Well, this year for April Fool’s day, I decided to pull the classic cubicle prank. I (with the help of others) wallpapered a collegue’s cube in aluminum foil.

It’s not like it was an original prank, but I think I wanted to try it once. I honestly do not know how he would react, so I may die tomorrow. At least I’ll die on my terms.


Hey, it's nice and shiny!

Hey, it's nice and shiny!

Personally, it took longer than I expected, too.  It’s hard to get every detail correct without ripping the foil.  The original idea had us wrapping the flat panel monitors, but I thought it may be a fire hazard, so we left them alone. The black on silver provided a good contrast, no?

We are a stickler for detail. Each one of the pens and pencils in that cup are individually wrapped.  Attention to detail is important.  We honestly though that the prank would have sucked if we did not wrap the writing utensils and other items on the desk itself.

Attention to detail is quite important.

Attention to detail is quite important!