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Did I invent the idea of the XBox?

I was searching through Google Groups and found an old post responding to a person about his “game operating system”:

Good concept, but as a commerical product, I don’t see a reason for it. Why would anyone pay for a $1500 computer just to install a game OS. It is just as easy to buy a console, save $1300, and play ready made games. Now let say, you build a prototype console that used, let say a 486 processor, that was modified with built-in sound and had a port that was able to broadcast to a television (like a console) maybe we can find a use for all those old 486 chips that have been ousted from the homes of new computer users with Pentium and Windows 95 in their minds. Who knows.

Doesn’t my idea sound so familiar? It sounds like an XBox, right? This was way back in 1998! Well, I guess that’s what happens when good ideas go to the wrong people! 😉